Office space at home

Office space at home, is this part of the private- or entrepreneurial capital?

The private part is part of the private capital and the business part is part of the business capital if the property can be divided in a private part and a business part structurally. The choice must be made under what capital the entire property falls if the property cannot be divided structurally. In this choice it is important which part is predominant.

When can a home be structurally divided in a private part and a business part?

Structural division means that a building is split up in order to use each part independent of the other part(s). Conditions such as an own entry and sanitation for each part must be met. In most cases it is therefore not possible to structurally divide property.

If my entire house is considered part of my private capital, are the expenses made in relation to the office space deductible?

The costs of the office space are not deductible if your property is not part of the business capital. The expenses made in arranging the office space are included in this.

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