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Sound legal advice and guidance

Sometimes you come across something and you have to make a decision over, for example, the purchase of a house, inheritance, making your will, firing someone or purchase/taking over a company. And what is important when you start working together with other entrepreneurs? We stand for sound legal advice with important events in your life.

From an economic, legal and fiscal standpoint we offer guidance with the important events and producing of the matching decisions. So you can make the right call.

Life events

These important events we called life events. From drawing up a loan contract for the purchase of your (first) house, a request ZEZ-benefit (pregnant and self-employed) or fiscal advice when you emigrate, we are there for you. You can click on the life events in the menu above. Check with each event how we can help you further.


Are you involved in a conflict and can’t find a solution? We can offer you mediation. An independent and neutral mediator guides you in finding a solution that both parties can agree on. The decision to go to court, which is often an expensive and time consuming decision, can be prevented in this manner. Besides, the court ruling is usually in favour of one of the parties. The mediator is there for both parties.

Legal side of your growing enterprise.

If you want to grow as an entrepreneur you will have to deal with legal aspects of entrepreneurship. If you want to grow from a sole proprietor to a LLC, we can help you set this up and make sure the insertion goes smoothly with the Tax Authorities. But also entering in collaboration agreements, labour contracts or recording of agreements must be done properly. Click here for more information about the legal services we provide to entrepreneurs.


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