Pricing Legal services

Contracts & agreements
for many contracts you do not need to go to a notary, but it is important that the contract is legally sound. You can get that done quickly and properly with our help. Do you doubt the content and clarity of the agreements, we can help you.

We can help with the following agreements:

- Convenants;

- Loan agreements;

- Family statute;

- Consignement agreements; 

- Rental contract;

- Labour contract;

- Partnership agreement;

- VOF (Partnership firm) agreement;

- Management agreement;

- Shareholders agreement;

- User agreements;

- Replacing model agreement(s);

Prices from €150 excl. VAT up to €1.500 excl. VAT

Prijzen vanaf 150 euro ex btw en loopt tot 1.500 euro ex btw.


Translations from Dutch to English or English to Dutch

If you have international contracts and clients, it is necessary to have written agreements in English, likewise, if you have Dutch clients, you need Dutch agreements. It is therefore important to have the option to have these agreements translated.

We can translate your documents, we translate and rewrite legal documents. Even if you do not have a source document, we can help you write an agreement in both Dutch and English.

Price per word: €0.15 excl. VAT