Pricing Tax return and compliance

Sometimes, your tax return is more complicated than usual, for instance because of an inheritance, emigration or immigration, because you have the 30%-ruling or you stared as a self-employed professional. It is also possible that the tax authorities send you a request for information about a specific part of your tax return, the tax authorities performs an audit or you made a mistake in a tax return. It is also possible that the bank or another agency asks an income statement or business plan in order to check whether you apply for an allowance or a mortgage.

Our help is then needed, we can help with compliance for those agencies.

We can arrange for tax returns like:

- income tax;

- profit tax declaraton for business,

- VAT return or supplements.

We can do all fiscal tax forms like M-biljet and C-biljet.


You will hand in the necessary documents together with the Hand-in-Help, the costs will be calculated based on our price per hour and the calculation afterwards, or we will agree on a price in advance. We normally use the last method when the case is rather complicated and we expect to work on the case for a longer period of time.

We will charge for an expat tax return an amount between 125 and 550 euro ex vat depending on the complexity and size of the work.