Study expenses

These regulations no longer exist

Pay attention!

The following applies for study expenses that are included as a deduction post in the income tax. Are you an entrepreneur and have study expenses to maintain your relevant expertise? Then these costs are deductible from the profit. These costs are deductible in the income tax if you, have study costs for a future profession. This applies for both entrepreneurs and for private individuals.

What study expenses are deductible?

The legal regulation for the deduction of study costs and other educational expenses has been adjusted since the first of January 2013. The expenses that can be considered for deduction are limited in regard to 2013. Educational expenses are costs that are made by the person obligated to pay taxes, for the education or study in relation to gaining income from work and living (box 1). The purpose of the education is that it must be directed in changing the labour position or maintaining or improving the knowledge and skills needed for gaining or keeping income from labour. This does involve gaining new knowledge. The threshold for educational expenses is €250,-.

The regulations for student with study grants has also been altered. For this group of students the system in which the deduction is determined regarding the standard amounts is abolished. Students with a performance grant can also deduct the actual expenses, holding in account the received grant.

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